Who doesn’t know Gaggia?

The brand that made coffee history is one of the Evoca group’s latest acquisitions.

The desire to make the perfect espresso – that was the raison d’être of one of Italy’s most iconic coffee companies.

It was during the ‘30’s, amidst the unmistakable hustle and bustle of Milan. Achille Gaggia, a barista, has a light-bulb moment: to build a coffee machine that doesn’t use steam, but rather a revolutionary piston mechanism that pushes water through coffee at high a temperature. In this way, it only takes 15 seconds to create an authentic espresso –and those fateful 15 seconds heralded the modern Italian espresso era.

From that distant date, the 5th of September 1938, there are very few cafés that have never had a Gaggia machine. From the UK to the US to Australia, the most state-of-the-art cafés have served an infinite amount of cups of espresso made by Gaggia. Gaggia made coffee chic!

At the end of the ‘40’s, the quality of Gaggia espresso arrived in Italian homes, with the first domestic espresso machine,  the“Gilda”. Machines like “Baby Gaggia” and the semi-automatic “Classic” followed, quickly becoming best-sellers all over the world.

Only professional coffee

Our acquisition of the licence of the historical brand Gaggia Milano, is one of the most important and challenging achievements of our Group, and we’ve decided to relaunch the brand and take it back to its former glory, both nationally and internationally.

To do so, a specific division, with a project team and great designers, is currently working to create a double line of products: ‘premium’, destined for luxury cafés and hotels, and ‘core’, to get back into bars and cafés all over Italy, on an even playing field with other big players in the sector.

It’s a challenge that fills us with pride and pushes us to find new harmonies between tradition and innovation; history and novelty.

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