In vending there’s always something new!

Inspired by chocolate Easter eggs, let’s look at some suprising news from around the world!

During the past months we’ve been on the road, taking our story of innovation to vending’s leading global events. Today, we’re still on tour, searching – as always – for the vending world’s most interesting advances.

We’ve said it countless times before in our blog and it’s still true: vending never stops! A set of images created by Japanese photographer Ohashi are proof of this. The artist has created a series of photographs, currently on show in Paris, which capture the charm of vending machines in the snow, during the cold winter nights in Japan. Take a look here.

There’s lots going on in the orient: Autobahn Motors in Singapore has introduced a car sales vending system, using a machine that’s twice as innovative as its American predecessors. It’s as big as a skyscraper and there’s nothing small about the cars its  ‘dispenses’ – we’re talking luxury marques like Lamborghini and Ferrari!

It only goes to show that vending is the perfect way to reach societal objectives, expand business and create innovative, creative experiences.

Let’s stay in the automotive sector and talk about Alibaba. The e-commerce giant is preparing to open a series of Super Test-Drive Centres, in which users can ask to test-drive a car for three days before deciding to buy or not to buy. The entire procedure is managed by a dedicated App and culminates in a giant cat-shaped vending machine that, after having validating the user through facial recognition, dispenses the requested car.

Vending technology for the most vulnerable

We want to highlight two news stories where vending has managed to improve the quality of life. In the Japanese city of Nikko, there’s a vending machine that dispenses origami –  an iconic symbol of Japanese culture – which supports the disabled people who create these intricate works of art.

Homeless people in the UK have reaped the benefits of vending. After London and Birmingham, Manchester is the next city to host a vending machine capable of dispensing free food and crucial non-food essentials to vulnerable people.

Let’s finish with the most incredible piece of news: in Turkey, a real live cat ended up inside a vending machine filled with stuffed toys, making passers-by smile!

Check it out here!

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