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Marketing plays a major role in the restaurant industry, progress is just around the corner.

One of the main causes of the failure of some food related businesses is the lack of a concept, of an original  project that can define the identity of the activity, its reference target and what it has to offer: this is what recent market researches says. The data from Fipe-Confcommercio 2015 states that 27% of restaurants and cafés close after just 2 years from opening.

Clients today want more: they want to know which type of restaurant they are in at a very first glance and what it has to offer compared to the vast amount of similar venues. Clients want a unique experience that goes beyond food. But how can this be articulated?  

Have you ever heard of menu engineering? This is a real science used to maximize restaurant profits through an optimized menu layout based on mathematical algorithms.  

Another fundamental marketing rule is that there is no restaurant without an online presence! Today, if someone is looking for a place to eat, their search starts online. Serving good food is not enough, this has to be communicated on the right pages and sites. Those who have a good web reputation draw in new clients thanks to search engines and specialized websites. A well-photographed dish with comments sells more than having lots of menu promotions!

Marketing spaces

Even the interior design has become a strategic marketing tool which can increase the success of restaurants. The environmental context is fundamental in the ho.re.ca. industry and it includes a great number of factors: intangible elements like feeling relaxed or feeling welcome, to more tangible elements such as the décor, the furnishings, cleanliness, lighting, staff uniforms…. And the presence of high quality equipment.

Our range of state-of-the-art super-automatic machines with cutting edge design and with an elegant aesthetic impact represents plays a key role in the marketing mix. They guarantee a high quality service and an excellent finished product, encompassing the most sophisticated demands, from the authentic taste of a freshly ground coffee to the most exotic recipes.

A high-quality coffee as a marketing tool? Yes, absolutely.

We’d like to finish with a point of view that we agree with: the difference between those companies who don’t use marketing techniques and those who do, is the same between a passenger on a sailboat and a boat captain: the first plays it by ear, the latter follows the course.

We always follow the route to excellence! Keep navigating with us!

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