Click and taste!

Thanks to vending, we’re all accustomed to choosing what we want with a click or a touch! And now, that convenience is making its way into restaurants.

Vending has got us used to choosing anything we want to eat or drink at the touch of a button. The gesture of “pressing a button” is the connection between our desires and their satisfaction.

Today, with interactive screens, the “push” has been transformed into a “touch” (the Necta gamma has offered a wide range that goes from the vaunted Canto Touch to the more recent Concerto Touch), but the objective remains the same.

In the traditional restaurant industry, the figure of the waiter has always been of fundamental importance.

But today something is changing: everywhere, new technologies are being tested that allow customers to order directly from a smartphone – often without even having to download an App!

This is the case at a famous Italian restaurant in Tuscany, where all you need to order your food is a smartphone and Messenger (the facebook messaging system that can be used even if users don’t have a social media profile) – and wait!

The Messenger App is opened, the chosen company page called up, and a conversation via chat begins: from there users can browse the menu and choose the dishes they wish to order, from starters to a digestif. Once the access code given by the waiter is inserted, with one tap the order can be completed, which is then sent to the kitchen.

Touch media is rich with possibilities – even in the restaurant industry!

What about the human touch?

Are waiter’s destined for extinction? Absolutely not. Technology is there to support them. It frees them from the duties connected to orders, and allows them to dedicate more time to care giving customers a better service by, for example, sharing information on cooking methods or how ingredients are sourced.

Even in the world of vending, technology is always seen as an ally that creates opportunities to satisfy customer needs. In other words, technology is at the service of technology. Do you agree?

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