Another organic year?

In 2017, organic goods recorded a significant increase in sales. But what’s the forecast for the future?

30%! That’s how much the organic sector grew in Italy during 2017. According to data from the latest research, in supermarkets, the sales of organic items increased by 21.9% compared to the previous year, and sales increased by 29.3% in superstores during the same period.

This positive trend isn’t about to stop! On the contrary, it will represent 3.4% of the total sales in the food sector, from packaged foods to beverages, from fresh food to pet food… Not forgetting the snacks and drinks sold in our vending machines, of course!

How can this success be explained? A key factor is definitely in the increasingly diverse range of organic products found in large retail stores, often ‘own label’ products. Did you know that from 2001 to 2016, large retail stores with their own organic brands increased from 9 to 22, and that their organic lines increased from 644 to 2.857? That’s a true organic explosion!

Face to face with organic consumers

More than 20 million families bought at least one organic product during the year, 1 million up on the previous year.

But who are the real “organic addicts”? Research identified families in Northern Italy, composed of 3 or 4 people, aged from 35 to 54 and with a close to, or above average, yearly income.

What should we expect during the course of 2018? Research dated February 2018 says that the global organic market will continue to grow, with the US as world leader, followed by Germany, France and China.

Therefore, vending technologies connected to the possibility of dispensing fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, are a good choice, such as our Mambo, that offers up to 84 selections through 14 trays. In our vending multishop, all tastes, whether organic or not, will definitely be catered for with something tasty for break time, providing a sense of wellbeing and pleasure!

We’re ready for everything organic, and will continue to evolve to offer an even greater sales channel and selection!

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