Coffee’s seducing people from the land of tea

While coffee consumption is growing in emerging Asian markets, EVOCA Group strengthens its presence in the APAC region and appoints Hein Van Gorp as the new Group’s Vice President for Asia.

Following our participation in FHA 2018 in Singapore and the China Vending Show in Shanghai, EVOCA Group has strengthened its presence in the APAC region, with the appointment of Hein Van Gorp as Vice President for Asia.

“The Asian market is strategic for all operators in our sector, because it’s a constantly expanding market in which we see impressive business potential”, declares Hein Van Gorp. “By attending two of the most relevant events in the Region, we grasped an important opportunity to introduce ourselves as EVOCA Group for the first time. We were able to demonstrate our quality as a company and to present to the industry our full product offer. We felt as though we were introducing coffee culture to Asia.”

EVOCA Group has set a benchmark in its mission to become the only trusted partner with a global dimension to focus on the Asian market. We have shown how committed we are to becoming the leading ‘Office Coffee’ company.

The Global Coffee market has increased steadily, with a CAGR of +4%. Growth is particularly strong in APAC, where it registered CAGRs of 5%. It means APAC has become one of the world’s most important commercial regions.

With coffee undisputedly replacing tea, emerging Asian markets offer stronger growth – and that means exciting  new business potential for EVOCA Group.

Coffee consumption is growing in Asian markets

After centuries of a tradition devoted to tea, Asia has opened up to coffee culture, thanks to the arrival of major international chains such as Starbucks. The catalyst for this change were young professionals who upon returning home to cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou from their studies in Europe and in the United States, brought with them the ‘western breakfast’ to the local coffee shops. It’s a trend that’s seen by most Asians as ‘sophisticated’ and ‘westernized’.

These days, the 30% of Chinese people consume coffee outside their home. As in the rest of the world, meeting friends at the coffee shop is a social mores rather than a refreshment event.

In Asia, people tend to a sweeter and lighter coffee compared to their western counterparts. For example, 30% of Hong Kong coffee consumers, choose cappuccino. Second favourite is Mocha coffee, sweeter than the classic one, which is the choice of only 17% of coffee drinkers and back in third place.

Indonesia, on the other hand, is surprising for its strong and consolidated espresso culture. No wonder: it ranks as one of the main coffee exporting countries in the world. Unlike China, in Indonesia coffee is enjoyed primarily by the older generation. Young people tend to choose the instant option. In this region, western coffee culture is strongly influenced by local traditions, leading to the creation of new recipes such as coffee with ginseng or ginger.

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